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The Erlenmeyer Flask

The Truth

Matt D. Storm: Awesome
6 May
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What you see is what you get with my writing my friends. It may confuse you, make you laugh, make you mad, make you sad, make you French Toast but chances are you won't be bored. And if you are my spinning back fist is a good mind changer if I don't mind getting my threads dirty.

I enjoy Professional Wrestling, Politics (staunch Conservative), Mixed Martial Arts, Football, and reading just about any book pertaining to my hobbies I can get my hands on. Once I begin said book,I'll have it done in a week tops.

Anything else your inquiring mind may wonder about me, never hesitate to ask. I'm full of answers and awesome hair!

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User Number: (6924594
Date Created:4-26-2005
Number of Posts: 232

Ladies and Gentlemen you have stumbled upon the world's great hit maker to ever grace the pages of this beautiful website. Following in the foot steps of the great Larry Sweeney, you are taking a long, loving look at the SUPER Agent of the Internet. "Sweet N'Spicy" Matt Storm. Everything you have ever envisioned yourself being, he already has become. A Super Soldier who fights those who fights the future.
Strengths: Good looks, great clothes, the ability to never accept defeat.
Weaknesses: Prone to low self-esteem, bouts with depression, self-doubt.
Special Skills: The ability to sign the hottest free agents that everyone else can only bathe in jealousy over.
Weapons: Acid tongue, Hands and Feet as a Mixed Martial Artist.
Motto: I'm always serving up a 68' Comeback Special, Daddy!

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